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This article provides basic information about how to build the steam sauna and describes stages of building it on your own. Sample steam saunas can be found here. At first, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with our range of products on the website and create the list of required products concerning your preferences:

  1. Steam generator: Model, power.

  2. Door. Model, size, left- or right-handed, glass colour.

  3. Ceiling and walls. Polystyrene panels / sizes.

  4. Seats. Polystyrene seats, sizes.

  5. Additional materials. Hydroisolation, reinforcing grid, steam pipe, additional steam noozle.

  6. Lighting. Ceiling, wall, under the seat

  7. Fragrance pump.

  8. Accessories. MP3 players, speakers, descaling powder for steam generator, fragrance concentrate

Put the products you are interested in into your shopping cart and you will see their price and delivery terms.


For a steam sauna, choose dry, well-ventilated room in house or separate facility.

Walls and ceiling of the room may be built of stone blocks, drywall and/or wooden panels.

A plain ceiling is not suitable for a steam sauna. In order to make drops trickle down from a ceiling to walls, choose one of these ceiling types – dome or arch.

A heated stone floor is preferred and it may be finished with ceramic tiles. A floor drain and a slight slope towards it should exist.

Your steam sauna’s size should be calculated as follows: there should be 2–3 m3 of sauna capacity for each person. It’s height should be 2-2,4 m.

In accordance with safety standards, a steam generator, fragrance pump and other electrical devices are installed in a dry room with a minimum cubic capacity of 1m3, to a maximum distance of 6 meters from the steam sauna room.

There should be an option to connect to water and power supply from that technical room.

When choosing a model of a steam generator, read instruction manuals or contact our support team.

Make sure in advance what power in kW may your mains supply and what type the power supply is, 220 V or 380 V, single-phase or three-phase power.

You should use a heat-resistant electric cable and lamps with moisture protection (voltage not exceeding 24 V and a degree of protection at least IP 65). Well fought-out lighting system will emphasize the exotic decor and make the room look cozy and unique.

Steam sauna door should be made of glass, have an aluminium framework and must open outwards.

In accordance with existing safety regulations, electric wiring and installations must be performed by a professional and certified electrician. Also, any and all works associated with water connection must be performed by a professional and certified plumber.

We recommend you to use our sauna design and technical planning service. After completing the questionnaire you will receive a technical layout, drawing and 3D images of your sauna within 4-6 days.

If you are not afraid of construction tools and materials and have some experience, everything will be just fine! As soon as you've chosen the place, you may start the construction!

Technical units

Install fiber optic and electric cables for sensors, lighting, speakers and other technical units in accordance with the scheme. Also, install a steam pipe. It is preferred to mount it on the opposite side from the door, in place where steam cannot hurt anyone. When installing a steam pipe you must get familiarized with the instruction manual of a steam generator.

Install a glass door. For better air circulation, leave a gap of 25-40mm under it. According to safety standards, the door must open outwards.


A steam sauna with good ventilation will have an excellent air exchange and will heat up the room more rapidly and evenly. The lifecycle of proper ventilated sauna room is much longer. The materials will not be destroyed by fungus or mould. Only in well-constructed and properly ventilated sauna room, you will have an opportunity to get all the benefits and do well to your health.

In case of natural ventilation, fresh air gets inside a steam sauna room from under the door. You may also use mechanical ventilation.

Install an exhaust ventilation pipe ( diam. 100mm ) and fix an outlet air valve to the pipe offset.

It is an optimal variant if air goes directly outside. If there is no such option, air should go out through a general ventilation system. You will need to install an air dryer or steam separator.

The ventilation system is individual for each case and depends on the room plan.


If you decide to choose an arched ceiling, you will need to build a special framework for it. Panels will be fixed to that framework with screws and glue.

Walls and seats

After that, you should mount back-to-back wall panels. They are fixed with screws and glue also.

When mounting panels leave orifices for technical units.

The finishing off depends on how exactly ceiling and wall panels are mounted.

When this work done, you can install seats. They are fixed to the floor and walls with glue. If lighting is envisaged, you should make electric wiring and install optical fibers at this stage.


As hot steam has huge penetration capabilities, all surfaces in the steam sauna must be covered with waterproofing substance.

The outer surface of panels and seats should be covered with reinforcing grid and even layer of waterproofing mastic.

When surface dries up, you can glue ceramic tiles. Afterwards, ceramic tile seams are filled with grout sealer.

Steam generator installation

In accordance with existing safety regulations, electric wiring and installations must be performed by a professional and certified electrician. Also, any and all works associated with water connection must be performed by a professional and certified plumber.

Mount and connect your steam generator according to instruction manual.

Mount a steam nozzle safety cover if needed.

If something remains unclear, ask our specialists for additional information.

Using steam sauna

When all the works are done, you can switch on your steam generator. Set a temperature of 40-55 C on your control unit.

If steam generator’s power is chosen correctly, steam sauna will be ready within 30-40 minutes.

For a stable work of the steam generator the maintenance of it should be held after 100 working hours. A special substance is used for this purpose.