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Comes with control unit 

HIMALAYA – the name of the legendary mountain range means ”home of the snow”. Like its namesake, the secret of Helo’s Himalaya also lies in the natural water cycle. The new sauna heater conceals a water container featuring ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna cabin while the heater is warming the room. Therefore, when you climb up onto the benches, the air is already pleasantly humid and you can feel the rich warmth on your skin. You can also add aromatic sauna scents into the water container or put some salt on top of it. Put a little variation into your sauna experience.

Stones are not included - Sauna stones

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Brushed steel
Matte Black

Power output, (kW):

10.5 kW
6.8 kW

Control unit:

Without control panel

Sauna room max, (m3):

Milder temperatures

With Himalaya, even milder sauna temperatures of just 65-70 degrees Celsius are highly enjoyable and relaxing. Children enjoy it, too. And if you want, you can increase the sauna temperature – or simply throw water on the sauna stones for more warmth. One hundred kilograms of rock react immediately to your command. 

Attractive integration

The attractive stove is 103 cm high with a width of 33 cm and comes in matte black or chrome. The Himalaya can be installed on the floor next to a wall. Alternatively, you can integrate the heater into the benches using a glass, soapstone or steel fitting collar. The steel collar is available in chrome or matte black to match the color of the heater. Himalaya heaters are meant for sauna cabins measuring 5-15 m3.

Control unit

Helo Himalaya is digitally controlled using Helo’s Midi controller. The stylish control unit can be installed inside the sauna room. The Helo Midi control unit offers the extra convenience of being installed inside the sauna room*. Preset time is 0 – 23 hours and heating time 0 – 6 hours. You can control the temperature and the display shows you both the set temperature and the actual temperature. The sauna light can also be operated via Helo Midi. Size: 56 x 186 x 15 mm (wxhxd) 

Please read the user manual for more detailed information about this heater! You may download user manual by pressing Adobe PDF icon below the images.

Electric heater technical details
Property name Value
Output, kW 10,5
Sauna room min - max size, m3 9 - 15
Measurements (HxWxD),mm 1030 x 330 x 330
Weight, kg
Stone capacity max, kg 100
Minimum safety distances (ceiling / sides) 870 / 60 mm
Supply voltage, phase 230V 3~ / 400V 3N~
Fuse A 3 x 35 / 3 x 16
Connection cable, mm2 4 x 6 / 5 x 2,5
Control unit Equipped
Water tank capacity, l 2

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