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Oval hot tub have a universal form, small size allows you comfortably have water treatments and do not require a large area for installation. 

Oval sauna hot tubs can be produced in ​different sizes, the font wall thickness can be made from 22 mm up to 28 mm, width from 0.59 m to 1.15 m, the height from 1.0 to 1.40 meters. For easy entry and exit the hot tub package includes wooden ladder.

To protect the bottom of the hot tub from sagging of the water weight, it is equipped with a crosspiece on which the sauna hot tub is installed.

The manufacturing technology of producing sauna hot tubes is based on the use of wooden battens (the width of which varies depending on the model) which are securely connected by a special waterproof glue. To impart more strength to the hut tub construction they constrict the form of the tub with stainless steel hoops rings.

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