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New! Outdoor hot tub with a water resistant coating. Hot tubs are intended to be used regardless of the season for everyone ... including children. There are cosy benches in the tub, which easily fit a lot of friends. If the water is cooled down (or even in the winter, frozen), you can easily warm it up using stainless stove. The stove is allocated to fence in order to avoid burns. You can get easily in the tub with help from removable stairs. Made from burned pine

Line X - sprayed protective coating (USA). Hardwearing, high impact, anti - corrosion, moisture and waterproof coating. Do not cleave, do not scratch, do not peel, and do not lose original color and luster, non-toxic! Always looks flawless!

The heater is outside the tub
The tub is made of high-quality pine. The sides are attached to the bottom with dovetail joints, using no glue. It is tightened with three stainless steel hoops. Our produced hot tub is unique in that it DOES NOT need to be filled with water all the time. Standing empty extends significantly the life of the tub. It prevents the development of micro-organisms and fungal infection in the water.

Bath barrel: diameter 2,0 m, height 1 m.

Volume: 2,800 liters. Holds 5-7 persons. Kit includes a barrel, base frame, submerged stainless steel oven and chimney, fence, bar counter, benches and stairs. The barrel is made of pine, features three stainless steel hoops and is treated from within with Line-X elastic spray-plastic.

Additionally available:

Wooden or cloth barrel cover  75.-
Outer barrel treatment 60.-
Inner- and outer barrel fire treatment 75.-
Pre-warming jet system 437.-
Multicolored 35 W LED barrel lighting 455.-
Water cleansing filter system (skimmer) – 2,000 l/hour 170.-
Metal chimney heat cover 25.-
Bottle holder for bar counter 25.-
Ash pan 25.-

Let us know what you would like to include and we will add it to our price quote.

Comments list

HI- What does the pre-warming jet system do and does it need electricity to operate? What kind of water supply installation would I need. Thanks for your help John

Pre - warming jet system for outdoor sauna bath is the system that warms the outside air that goes to the bubble system and makes the bubbles hot even at winter time. No you don't need any specific water installation, just an average water supply system.


Hi is it possible to purchase the sauna bathtub without the heater as i will be using it in Ithaki Greece during the summer months. If so please quote me in Euro's for the Serena 20 with wooden cover. If you could estimate freight charges to Ithaki, Greece that would also be useful thanks Sam

Yes it is possible to order Serena outdoor bathtub without wood burning stove. Please send us an email with your request, to get the price.

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