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The individuality of this door and major advantage are self-closing hinges. Easy-care glass doors for saunas and steam-saunas make the rooms more aerial. One can choose suitable door for any interior from the wide range of sauna doors offered by AD. One can choose between bronze, gray, transparent and bianco colors.
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Door opening size (cm):

80 x 200
60 x 190
70 x 190
70 x 200
70 x 210
80 x 190
80 x 210
90 x 190

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All sauna - and steam-sauna doors offered by AD are produced following all safety regulations and customers' expectations. Thermo treated glass is been used in production, which is five times stronger than the usual glass. In order to avoid bending of the jambs due to fluctuation of temperature. Using hardwood avoids segregation of resin, which makes the AD' doors very well suitable also for in-apartment saunas. The jambs for the steam-sauna doors are made of air-humidity-resistant aluminum. High quality door-hinges and locking systems are specially elaborated for sauna doors. All doors are so-called "ambidextrous".

Sauna doors can be assembled with glass of different shades and dimensions (transparent, bronze, gray, green matte)

Technical details
Property name Value
Door name AD Black
Frame dimensions, (mm) 790 x 1990 mm
Door material Glass
Frame material Pine
Glass color Gray
Glass size, (mm) 8
Weight, (kg) 35
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