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Sauna bathing should be relaxing and pleasant, not a chore. Step into a familiar room and let the heat and the natural scent of the wood welcome you. Sauna bathing is about sitting in a warm room where you can relax and recharge. No fiddling, no knickknacks, just sauna bathing.
Evolve is for people who prefer the best of traditional sauna bathing. The fittings are made of aspen with spruce panelling and come in 17 different sizes and shapes to give you as many options as possible when buying a new sauna.

Add your own personal touch by choosing from our collection of glazed sections, doors, lightning package and accessories. The choice is yours; it’s your sauna room.

The fastest route to relaxing sauna bathing. Evolve is Tylö’s new traditional sauna room collection. Delivered in prefabricated modules, it’s the easiest, quickest way to realise your sauna dream. You need neither expert assistance nor a big toolbox – you don’t even need a lot of time. Everything can be assembled from the inside, which means you don’t need any extra space for assembly purposes.

Aesthetics and function in one. The classically designed room has spruce panelling and aspen fittings, as well as a host of exciting solutions. For instance, you can choose between two different heights depending on which floor frame you select, 2100 mm (standard) or 2010 mm. There’s no need to crowd. The aluminium floor frame has a practical function since it prevents humidity from accumulating on the walls and is easier to clean, and an aesthetic function that reflects its Scandinavian heritage. The aluminium floor frame can also be painted or tiled in order to match the rest of the bathroom interior

A sauna room with a new look. Tylö is taking yet another step in design. The panelling is straighter, the corner mouldings are gone and the ceiling mouldings are considerably smaller. This new design is particularly evident and neat because of the so-called “hidden nailing” that conceal nail heads in the panelling, both outside and inside the sauna room. The panelling merges with the ceiling on the inside to form a straight line from the wall thanks to the new assembly alternative. Evolve has two aspen benches and backrests, and the benches have a brand-new design with slender vertical strips.

All sauna cabins height is 2100mm

E1212 - 1175x1175mm
E1414-E1414C - 1430x1430mm
E1712 - 1175x1685mm
E1717-E1717C - 1685x1685mm
E1917-E1917C - 1685x1940mm
E1919-E1919C - 1940x1940mm
E2217 - 1685x2195mm
E2219-E2219C - 1940x2195mm
E2222 - 2195x2195mm
E2419 - 1940x2450mm
E2422 - 2195x2450mm
E2719 - 1940x2705mm

Optional glass sections:
6L or 6H suitable for: E1212, E1414, E1717, E1917, E1919, E2217, E2219, E2419, E2719
6L/V or 6H/V suitable for: E1414, E1414C
9L or 9H suitable for: E2222, E2422
9L/V or 9H/V suitable for: E1712, E1717, E1717C, E1917, E1917C, E1919, E1919C, E2217, E2219, E2219C, E2222, E2419, E2422, E2719

Tylo recomended sauna heaters (sold separately): Sport, Compact, Combi, MPE, SE. You can also install sauna heaters of different manufacturers.

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