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Steam generator from EOS "SteamTec CLASSIC " is a high performance steam generator - ideal as a combination with a sauna heater. Includes an automatic self-cleaning system (flushing & descaling) for long lasting service and low maintenance costs. 5 l tank for descaling liquid. Recommended utlitiy for connection to a sauna heater - Steamfix 34.G. Outer shell in durable, shatter-resistant ABS. Wall-hanging, all connections at the bottom. Heavy-duty stainless steel water tank.
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Product name:

9.0 kW
4.5 kW
6.0 kW
Suitable control unit:
Eos Emotec HCS 9003
Eos Econ H2

Technical details
Property name Value
Model 9 kW
Output, (kW) 9
Dimensions width, (mm) 380
Dimensions height, (mm) 650
Dimensions depth, (mm) 320
Weight, (kg) 20
Recommended steam room size, (m3) 4 - 18
LIGHT WALL (acrylic, tempered glass)
With ventilation (m3) 7 - 13
Without ventilation (m3) 10 - 18
With ventilation (m3) 5.5 - 11
Without ventilation (m3) 8.5 - 15
HEAVY WALL (stone, concrete)
With ventilation (m3) 4 - 9
Without ventilation (m3) 7 - 12.5
Steam output capacity, (kg/h) 12
Supply voltage, phase 400 V 3 N AC 50 Hz
Connection cable, (mm2)
Additional information Requires separate control unit

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