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While enjoying the soft steams in a Legend sauna why not take a dip in the hot tub? The Legend hot tub is easy to maintain with a large plastic pool inside. This time-resistant model can fit in 4 to 6 persons and is suitable for versatile use from evening parties to family moments.

The Legend hot tub features a Legend stove that is easy to maintain. Its large glass hatch allows you to see easily if more wood needs to be added while you can enjoy the roaring fire of the stove and warming water of the hot tub.

Harvia Legend Hot tub completes your sauna experience and takes your relaxation to another level. The dark outer surface and small details of the hot tub match completely with the Legend sauna.

  • Depth 910 x height 1100 mm
  • Diameter 1700 mm
  • Dry weight 131 kg(weight of the pool without stove and chimney: 83 kg)
  • Water volume 1540 litres (minimum 650 litres)
  • Chimney Ø 150 mm, 2 m + cowl
  • Chimney thermal protection 1 m
  • Drainage 2 ½” female thread + hose connector 38 mm
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