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New modern, well-designed and comfortable steam room from Balteco called Tetris. With ergonomic and portable seat, RGB LED Choromotheraphy and vertical hydromassage system you will discover absolutely new level of  experience.
- Waterproof stereo speakers
- RGB LED Chromotherapy lightning
- Stylish metal hooks
- ClearShield anti-staining safety glass
- Ergonomic and portable waterproof seat for two
- Large anti-mist mirror
- Extra rigld cabin structure
- Xonyx massive stone shower base and shower column
- Functional hand shower
- Luxurious extra large rain shower
- Stylish controls packed with functionality
- Pre-programmed vertical hydromassage system
- Quality thermostatic mixer

Technical data:
- Variouts installation options
- Dimensions: 940 x 1410 x 2170 mm
- System: Tetris S4
- Rated power: 3100 W
- Voltage: 220V ~1N
- Installation height: 2270 mm

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