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Updated 15.08.2022
The usual sauna oven stones include impurities which are released to the sauna air under the influence of the glowing resistor. The stone gets lighter in weight and it disintegrates, it looses its heat conductivity and sand will fall down on the floor. The time for heating-up the sauna gets longer. The stones must be replaced! This is why it is increasingly popular to equip company saunas with the Kerkes Sauna Oven Stones. The ceramic oven stones which are made carefully guarantee unique sauna bath. Clean, special ceramic pulp which is burned in the temperature of higher than 1300 ºC is heat-shock resistant and does not crumble or release any hazardous gas into the sauna air. You can enjoy clean, relaxing and nice sauna bath. The Kerkes Sauna Oven Stones last almost forever in domestic use. Once the stones are properly installed the sauna oven will not need any oven stone maintenance. 10 kg

Slim Ceramic Stones
Our slim stones are used in electric sauna stoves between the resistors as their support. The shape of these stones prevents overcrowding. The thickness of the interspace resistor stone depends on the gap of the resistor. Our interspace stones come in a diameter of approximately 25 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm.

It is recommended that all stones should be rinsed to remove any stains or dust that can cause unpleasant odor during the first few times of using the heater.

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