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Code 12385

ALDER SAUNA BENCH WOOD SHP 28x120x2400mm 4pcs


2400 mm
2100 mm
1800 mm
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82.26 $

(34.27 $/m) (285.61 $/m²) (20.56 $/pcs) *inc.VAT

Updated 03.08.2022
The structure of alder lining is fine and homogeneous. It is easily impregnated. Dry alder is one of the most deformation-resistant species of wood. Growth rings are barely visible. Alder has low thermal conductivity. It has been used in the construction of saunas, wells, and quays for centuries. Alder is very durable when comes into immediate contact with water. The colour may vary from pale pink to red.

Price for 4 piece of product,
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 • Thickness - 28 (mm)
 • Width - 120 (mm)
 • Height - 2400 (mm)

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