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Updated 21.01.2023
Baths-tubs for banyas and saunas are made from different materials, such as wood, plastic, acryl. If you don’t want to waste your time on frequent cleaning, choose a fiberglass sauna bath-tub. Such bath-tubs don’t require any special maintenance or treatment, while their service life is long enough. Plastic bath-tubs are environmentally friendly and can be installed and used under any conditions. Frame bath-tubs and composite bath-tubs for banyas and saunas are quite inexpensive and affordable for everyone. Outdoor bath-tubs can provide you with unforgettable experience and emotions, expecially on a slightly frosty day with the mist rising above the water.

The heater is outside the tub
Bath-tub capacity - 1700 litres.

Internal: 2100 х 2300 (mm)
External: 2200 х 2400 (mm)
Depth: 900 (mm)

Standard set of equipment includes:
1. Fiberglass bath-tub
2. Framework and core structure
3. Faucet, hoses, fixing clips.
4. Heater with the power of 30kW, which can heat 1m3 of water up to 20 degrees per hour and makes it possible to use seawater in the heating system.
5. Wooden finishing from oil-impregnated spruce.

Optional set of equipment includes (extra order):
1. Finihsing made from heat-treated spruce
2. Heat-insulating polyurethane foam
3. PVC roof
4. Polyurethane heat-insulated roof
5. Glass holder (2 pcs)
6. Air massage system
7. Chromotherapy (smoothly changing water illumination)
8. White illumination

Plastic tub colour choice:

Manufacturing time – 2-3 weeks.

NB! When you order a hot tub, indicate the optional equipment you would like to purchase, and we will include it in your order.

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