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How to become a Bonus - club member ?

It is very easy to do. You should only register yourself on our site. After that, every your purchase will work for you. Having familiarized yourself with the rules set forth below and agreed with them, you will become a full and equal Bonus-club member.

System and characteristic of Bonus-club

1 bonus-point = 1 EUR. At the same time, it should be taken into account that one bonus-point corresponds to the entire monetary unit from 0.01 cent to 0.99 cent, i.e. 1 EUR = 0.01 – 0.99 cent. Upon payment for the goods with the bonus-points, the price of the goods is rounded off up to a whole number, remainder sum is not compensated. The transfer from one level to another takes place automatically as soon as the sum of the accumulated bonuses exceeds a limit of the current level.

Bronze level - from 1 to 999 points. Your personal discount is -0%

Silver level - from 1000 to 2999 points. Your personal discount is -10%

Gold level - from 3000 points. Your personal discount is -18%

Bonuses come into account in two categories

1. Usable bonus - is the current bonuses, i.e. the amount of the bonus-points which a client may dispose of at his own discretion. If the client wishes to pay for the purchase with the bonus-points, he may be sure that the amount of the bonus-points in the second category “Rating bonus” will not decrease his level and will not run low.

2. Rating bonus - is all the bonus-points accumulated by the client during the whole time of being on the site from the first day of registration, no matter whether they were spent or not – all the earned points will be calculated and reflected in the user’s member area, in “My Account” division, in “Rating Bonus” column. The automatic change of the user’s level and the rise of the personal discount will be carried out due to registration of these bonuses.

Where in is the benefit of rise of the user’s level?

The rise of the user’s level in Bonus-club gives you a unique opportunity to receive the additional discount for all the goods. Every level has its own discount rate.

Checking out the site via his profile, the client will see the prices offered personally for him, i.e. the prices with the status discount but not the ordinary shop prices.

If there is a discount for any goods now, it is summarized with your status discount. As a result, the registered client receives the double discount, i.e. the shop discount + the status discount.

Looking through the shop assortment, you always see the sum which you can save in case of purchasing these or those goods. This sum is indicated in “Your saving” column by the side of the price for the goods.

Welcome to Bonus-club!

Please, familiarize yourself with the rules of our club which all registered users are accepted for automatically.  

1. For every new registered user, we open the electronic bonus account which we transfer 5 bonus-points to as a greeting.
2. Having registered the account on our site, you will be awarded the elementary user’s level, i.e. Bronze. Later on, you can raise your level up to Silver and then – up to Gold one.
3. Making a purchase from your profile, you will receive, to your account, the bonus-points, amount of which is indicated by the side of the price for each goods. The bonus is calculated after payment of an order. In case of subsequent annulment of the order, the calculated bonus is nullified.
4. The bonus amount depends on the price, campaigns carried out for the time being and category of the goods. The online shop reserves the right to change the amount of the bonus sum for each goods at its discretion.
5. The bonus is calculated only in case of making-out up of an order by the user himself through his profile in our online shop –! In case of making-out up of the order by telephone, e-mail or Skype, the bonus is not calculated.
6. You can use the accumulated bonus sums for complete or partial payment of the subsequent orders. The total sum of the bonuses indicated by the side of the bought goods will be transferred to your account as well as in the case of the ordinary payment.
7. The accumulated bonus-points may not be changed for money or transferred to other user’s account. They may be spent only for acquisition of the goods in our online shop
8. The bonus-points accumulated by you are kept on your account during 365 days from the moment of the last transfer of the bonus-points to the account. Within this period of time, it is advisable to use the bonus-points or replenish them by making the next purchase. If you have not used or replenished the accumulated bonus sum within the year, it will be annulled.
9. The client may use the right to return the goods within 14 days. In this case, the used bonus-points are not returned or compensated and the bonus calculated for the returned goods is annulled. In case of the forced return of the goods because of a guarantee event or mistake of third persons, the client is calculated the balance of the bonuses used and calculated upon the order of the present goods.
10. If the account is not used for more than 2 years, the user is sent a warning letter. If the user does not answer the letter after the expiry of 30 subsequent days, the client’s profile will be automatically deleted.