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Updated 11.10.2020
Sauna LED Set, to be easily installed in a sauna and on sauna benches.

The LEDs of this set require only a small 6 mm hole in the installation on sauna benches, as an example. The installation is much more invisible than previously. The clear installation instructions ensure that the installation cannot fail – the clips are carefully selected to avoid any misconnection.

The LED driver is the high-quality Osram OTi DALI 15, and the set can be dimmed with a push-button or DALI control. The set can be expanded with additional 3-part expansion sets up to 15 LEDs.

The colour temperature is 2700 K, ideal for a sauna. There are several additional items available for the set, such as lighting fittings CR-03 (gold, chrome and black), a stove fibre with a lens, thermometer an hygrometer and many others.


If the sauna temperature is over +90ºC, we recommend to use Cariitti fibre optic sets.

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