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"The inspiration for the Illusia ceiling light came from the desire to create an atmospheric table setting without any candles. The secret of the light is the glass ball, hidden inside the globe. Its patterned surface creates a floral reflection on the table. The glass balls are handcrafted by glassblowers at the Riihimäki glassworks, to make each flower unique." -Kirsti Taiviola-
Illusia is a led light with the led light source of 40 W/700mA and common light output of 2400 lumens. The luminaire includes a power supply. The shade is made of powder coated aluminium, colour dark graphite grey. The inner globe is made of shockproof acryl. The diameter is 500 mm and height 300 mm. The luminaire is equipped with a suspension tube, length 1200 mm, and adjustable suspension cord. The maximum room height for the luminaire is 5 m. Illusia is ideal to be hung above the table of a living or dining room. You can "set the table" with the reflected pattern of light. The hanging switch is a beautiful detail with a double function. You can switch on either the main light when the light illuminates the whole room, or only the reflected pattern to create atmospheric light, or even both. 

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