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Updated 15.08.2022
Mondex Integra sauna electric heater can be installed inside the shelves without a collar flange, it does not require a big hole. Integra sauna heater is a unique solution and can be placed very close to the wooden panels or benches. You may want to show the oven in all its glory, by removing the protective cover. After you will remove the cover you will be able to see the tower sauna heater fully filled with stones. By removing the cover you can placed this heater on the floor somewhere in the corner as well. It is possible to choose different color of the heater cover - polished stainless steel and graphite black.

The casing of the heater is made of durable stainless steel material. The control of the sauna heater is carried out by using an accurate and easy-to-use remote control.

Mondex Integra electric heater is easily built in shelves or sauna benches without additional equipment. The hole diameter should not be bigger than 34.3 cm.

Installation of the electric heater can be adjusted by the high of the sauna bench.

Using the supplied remote control, you can adjust the temperature to within one degree. The temperature sensor allows to control the temperature in the sauna. The sensor should be installed on the wall of the sauna. The length of temperature sensor cable is 14 m. Other cables are not included.
Stones are not included - Sauna stones


Technical details
Property name Value
Output, kW 6,6
Sauna room min, m3 6
Sauna room max, m3 9
Dimensions width, mm 335
Dimensions height, mm 1130
Dimensions depth, mm 335
Weight, kg 90
Stone capacity max, kg 100
Sauna room height min, cm 190
Supply voltage, phase 400V 3N
Connection cable, mm2 5 x 1.5
Sensor cable, mm2
Data cable, mm2
Fuse A 3 x 10 A
Control unit Equipped
Water tank capacity, l
Vaporisation effeciency
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