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The Mythos vaporiser is suitable for both the Mythos S35 and S45 heaters. It can be docked at either the left or right hand side of the sauna heater as an upgrade; the vaporiser will enable you to run your sauna at humidity rather than on dry heat alone. It is possible to add two vaporisers for 6.0kW of steam output with the Mythos S45.

The vaporiser is available in 2.0 and 3.0kW outputs depending on how much steam you desire. It has a slim design that compliments both the monochrome anthracite and brushed stainless steel panel finishes on the S35/45 heaters. As such, the vaporiser won’t take away from the distinctive design of your EOS heater.

It is a worthwhile upgrade to your S-line heater giving you extra functionality for a modest cost.

Tech Specs:

  • possible to add two vaporizers for 6.0kW of steam output with the Mythos S45
  • Available in either 2.0 or 3.0kW outputs
  • Dimensions: 840mm (height) x 80mm (width) x 370mm (depth)
  • Mythos Vaporizer is suitable for both the S35 and S45 heaters
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