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Themed sauna or a powerful water splash - the exclusive Water Mill Sauna heater wil be a spectacular attraction and a "piece of action" in your sauna. The large wheel rotates slowly anti-clock-wise in the background. Upon a manual or an automatic sifnal it starts to rotate in reverse direction and pours the water several times to the cascade directly over the heater, which creates a series of powerful, impressive steam shocks. The 60 kg large rock store of the Corona S60 heater provides excellent heat storage capacity and ensures high temperature stability even by frequent water infusions

The Corona S60 is a standing-stove for sauna enjoiment of the entire family.

The Corona S60 is a luxury product of the S-Line of EOS and will enriched your wellness oasis not only on an aesthetic level. This heater is an exclusive product made from polished stainless steel with a wooden panel, which provides a perfect link between the stove and sauna cabin. The side panels are made from high quality anthracite powder-coated steel in a matching. The Corona S60 is available in the power options: 9,0 / 12,0 or 15,0 kW. Built specifically for your order.

Technical test standards:

test standard: IPx4
CE guidelines

Performance classes (optional):

9,0 kW - for cabin size 9 - 14 m³
12,0 kW - for cabin size 14 - 18 m³
15,0 kW - for cabin size 18 - 25 m³

Product details:

Stone basket: including air inlet above the heating elements
Heating register exchange without stone extraction
Side panel: powder coated steel, anthracite
Sheath: Solid, polished stainless steel
connection: 3N AC / 50 Hz / 400 V
Terminal box: Stainless Steel
size: 85 x 51 x 53 cm
incl. 60 kg of stones
modular system

Please select the options you require from the boxes below. After the selections, the price will be updated automatically.

Power output, (kW):

9,0 kW
12 kW
15 kW

Sauna room max, (m3):

Technical details
Property name Value
Output, kW 9,0
Sauna room min, m3 9
Sauna room max, m3 14
Dimensions width, mm 800
Dimensions height, mm 1500
Dimensions depth, mm 910
Weight, kg 75
Stone capacity max, kg 60
Sauna room height min, cm
Supply voltage, phase 400 V 3N AC 50 Hz
Connection cable, mm2 5 x 2,5
Sensor cable, mm2
Data cable, mm2
Fuse A 3 x 16
Control unit Separate
Water tank capacity, l
Vaporisation effeciency
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