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Set includes: 

- TYLÖ Combi RC4 4.5 kW + H-1
- 6x HARVIA Sauna aromas 500ml
- Abach sauna pillow
- Futura RGB led panel
- 20 KG Sauna stones 5-10 cm
Steam saunas are a variation on the traditional sauna concept that we can warmly recommend. The difference is that you enjoy a steam sauna at a lower temperature, but with much higher humidity (up to 70%). In practice, this means a more gentle, more relaxing bathing sensation – a “soft sauna” as it is sometimes described. To enjoy the relaxing properties of a steam sauna at home, simply choose a Tylö Combi heater.It’s the perfect choice for all types of sauna bathing – dry, wet, or in clouds of soothing steam. And you can enhance the experience with the fragrance of natural herbs or liquid essences. For the same effect in public facilities, simply complement a Tylö SD sauna heater or a floor-mounted Mega heater with a separate VA steam generator. COMBI 8 RC as Combi 4 RC, but the control panel can also be placed on either side of the sauna heater itself. 8 kW output. For sauna rooms 6-12 cu.m in size. Supplied complete with 2.5 m cable and bracket for installing the panel on the sauna heater. This heater now comes with the new, sleek H-1 control panel, which has touch control for your convenience. Mount the control panel on a wall inside or outside your sauna room.


The new control panel h1 from Tylö easily control the sauna or steam bath – and it’s good looking too. The electronic control panel is equipped with touch-control and shows temperature and time in operating mode.
The control panel can be set for start within a 24-hour period and has a running time between 0 – 23 hours. The h1 is also equipped with at switch for lighting, easy control of max temperature, switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius, 12 h/24 h format, multiple language and other more advanced settings and testing possibility. 
Tylö Control panel h1 can replace Tylö control panels CC10 and CC50. 
Add relay box RB to complete when installing for use with an SDK/SD heater.
Can be connected to TYLÖ steam generators VA and VB. 
Art. 72001000

Technical details
Property name Value
Output, kW 4,5
Sauna room min, m3 1,2
Sauna room max, m3 4,5
Dimensions width, mm 310
Dimensions height, mm 400
Dimensions depth, mm 225
Weight, kg 12
Stone capacity max, kg 7
Sauna room height min, cm 190
Supply voltage, phase 400V 3N~
Connection cable, mm2 5 x 1,5
Sensor cable, mm2 2 x 0,5
Data cable, mm2 8 x 0,2
Fuse A 3 x 16
Control unit Equipped
Water tank capacity, l 2l
Vaporisation effeciency ca. 2,5 l/h
Additional information 62305000