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Harvia White Electric Heaters


Cilindro, Cilindro H and Cilindro F

Budget heater with massive stone amount.
Harvia Cilindro electric heater’s massive sauna stone amount provides enjoyable sauna bath. You can choose from three different Cilindro heater models. The quality-price ratio of this floor mounted heater is excellent.

Cilindro has an apertured outer casing made of stainless steel or white painted zinked steel. You can adjust the nature of the heat from soft to sharp by throwing water either to the side of the heater or straight on top of the stone pillar.

Cilindro H has a partially apertured outer casing in the front, which offers the sauna bather the benefits of a large stone amount, but also enables the heater to be located in smaller space. Cilindro F has a solid outer casing. The casing decreases the safety distance requirements, and therefore the heater’s space requirement is small and benches can be located near to it. This gives more freedom for creativity in sauna design. Cilindro F offers sharper sauna bath compared to the softer sauna bath provided by the other two Cilindro models.

Design heater with a digital feature.
Harvia Moderna is the royalty of electric heaters. Moderna heats your sauna quickly and in silence up to the bathing temperature. Harvia's patented control electronics make it easy to heat your sauna in accordance with your preferences - to an accuracy of one degree. A separate electronic sensor keeps the sauna temperature even for the entire duration of bathing. The heating elements have been designed to endure intense use.

Moderna is supplied with a separate digital control panel. It is equipped with illuminated switches and a digital display indicating the set temperature and the timer. The operating time can be chosen between 2 and 8 hours, the factory setting is four hours. The pre-setting time range is between 0 and 18 hours.

Captivating sauna bath experience.
Harvia Figaro brings something completely new into a family sauna. Heater's design combines traditional materials, steel and stone in a modern way. The heater's big stone amount, even 90 kg, enables comfortable, moist sauna bath. The high stone space is open from the bottom to the top which makes throwing of water easy and guarantees even and pleasant heat in the sauna, also on the lower benches. Figaro is a floor-mounted heater that props to the wall from the back. The operating switches are placed down on the heaters front side.

New rhythm for your sauna.
You can find a perfect match for yourself in the Harvia Sound series of heaters. Attractive design catches the eye. Sound is a user-friendly and personal choice for your sauna. It is a modern and reliable electric heater with well-designed details and high-quality materials. The operating switches are located in the lower part, on the side of the heater.

A soft bath – for relaxation.
Harvia Forte is a new, more modern version of heat-storing heaters. The economic features are dressed in an elegantly designed heater casing. Forte’s unique design and technique make it the finest heat-storing heater available.

The low bathing temperature characteristic of Forte guarantees a pleasant humid and abundant bath. The heater’s properties are the best in saunas with good thermal insulation and no massive materials (such as concrete, log or glass blocks). Efficient thermal insulation ensures that the energy consumption stays low.

Harvia Forte’s operating switches are located in the illuminated digital panel. This allows easy adjustment of the temperature as well as the heater power. Thanks to a revolutionary technique, the Forte heater is ready for another bathing session quicker than other corresponding heater models. Compared to other heat-storing heaters, Forte has a low profile with a height of no more than 830 mm – providing enough heat for the lower benches as well. The stone space is made of stainless steel. Only large, split-face sauna stones (over 10 cm in diameter) must be used in all electric storage heaters.

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