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Updated 16.11.2022
Stand-alone flake ice dispensers with high quality design
To build in / incorporate flake ice machines for sauna areas
Flake ice machines with capacities from about 145l (70kg) flake ice to about 1.200l (600kg)/24h flake ice
Split-technology for bigger sized flake ice machines for low-noise use near relax areas or for rooms with permanent temperatures more than 35°C
Supplies like water filters and cleaning agents
Maintenance and technical service by special trained technicians of authorized international partners
Special ice machines and -dispensers for spa- and health treatments
Individual consultations how to choose your suitable Eis-Tower and the best location for it in your spa

ProConHealth recommends to provide flake ice in the sauna area. Flake ice has a temperature of -0,5°C and a bigger uneven surface and therefore flake ice provides best cooling effects for the human skin after a warm bath in sauna. All of our products are equipped with quality flake ice machines which are adjusted for the use in sauna area. This quality warranted long life of your Eis-Tower.
Technical details
Property name Value
Productivity 400l/24h
Power 230V 1N~
Voltage 76 kW
Connection cable 3 x 1,5
Fuse A 10 A
Min/Max temp water 5 - 35
Min/Max pressure 1 - 5 bar
Min/Max air temp 10 - 40
Tube diameter ¾

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