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The healing effect of the sauna is known to mankind for a long time. However, unfortunately not everyone can afford to luxuriate in the Russian banya or the Finnish sauna. Until not so long ago, it was the only means available for heating the body in view of supporting health, beauty and vital energy.

Nowadays new technologies allow enjoying the sauna without having to suffer in heat or putting a load on the heart. During half a century of the operation of infrared cabins, enough experience has been obtained in the world to use them as a cure for or a prophylactic measure against diseases. These infrared cabins “Infradoc” serve exactly this purpose and have passed clinical tests as yet.

Infrared saunas “Infradoc” are made of aromatic Canadian cedar – a natural antiseptic – with built-in infrared heaters from incoloy. This combination of high quality materials will ensure the strongest effect of the IR sauna.

In addition, the main advantages of this infrared sauna “Infradoc” are:

•    Short heating time (5-10 minutes);
•    Full session – a mere half an hour;
•    Excellent design on the inside, as well as outside;
•    Compactness (can be installed even in a small apartment);
•    Economy (220 V, 1.5-3.4 kW);
•    Efficiency (temperature inside the cabin will not exceed 40-60о at thorough heating of the body, even distribution of heat from the sources of radiation within the cabin);
•    Self-cleaning (outside and inside finish – red Canadian cedar – has natural antibacterial properties and a pleasant smell);
•    Security (built-in metal infrared heaters of the 4th generation from the incoloy alloy with a magnesium aggregate and a ceramic coating);
•    Mobility (easy assembly and disassembly, simple installation);
•    Harmlessness (easily tolerated by persons with various diseases);
•    A wide range of use (curative, cosmetic, healing, relaxing).

Technical details
Property name Value
Heating elements INFRADOC 11 INCALLOY FIR
Seats 5
Dimensions width, mm 2100
Dimensions depth, mm 1100
Dimensions height, mm 1850
Weight, kg 220
Output, kW 3,340
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