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220 V 1190 W

Set includes:

- Tylö Infra panel ( 1x Infra-panel 710, 2x Infra-panel 925 )
- Futura rgb led light panel
- Tylö TS Infra Control panel

Infrared panels can be used to speed up the heating of a sauna room. The radiation works immediately, so you can start to relax on the sauna benches as soon as you wish, without first having to wait for the sauna heater to warm up the air. This is where Tylö’s individual infrapanels come into their own. Install as many as you need for your sauna room. Tylö infra-panels are top-quality constructions, each with its own on/off switch, inbuilt thermostat and dependable temperature cut-off for safety and peace of mind. They are also stylishly designed with wooden trim in alder and aspen to match the colour of the sauna room walls.

Optimum safety
- with temperature cut-off and separate thermostat.
Unsurpassed durability - Tylo`s own infrared emitters are of the very highest quality and are your guarantee of peace of mind.
Health-promotion heat - IR-B and IR-C radiation used in medical therapies and beauty treatments all over the world.
Elegant design with removable decorative trim in alder and aspen to match or contrast with the wooden panelling of the walls.

Infra-panel 710
Size: 710x340mm
Power: 290W

Infra-panel 925
Size: 925x340mm
Power: 450W

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