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Updated 15.05.2023
A great way of getting into shape: the ergometer ACT-210 permits super-efficient workouts as well as offering an elegant slender design which will blend harmoniously into your wellness zone.
The associated KLAFS app offers the further convenience of being able to use your smartphone or tablet as a control unit which you can employ to access preset training programs or configure your own individual programs. The app also allows you to keep an eye on your physical data and training performance throughout the workout. While doing so you will also be able to use all your other smartphone or tablet functions as usual, so you can just read one of your e-books, surf the Internet or watch a video. And of course you can then switch back to your training program any time you choose. 

A chest belt continuously measures your heart rate, and if desired you can use this to automatically regulate your training intensity. Meanwhile, the professional quality eddy current brake permits precise load control and the setting of high resistance levels, while also producing minimal noise. The ergometer ACT-210 is an autonomous sports appliance which generates its own electricity for control and data transmission purposes. Thus it has no need for a mains connection, meaning there is nothing to detract from its functionality or design. On top of this the ergometer ACT-210 is extremely light, allowing you to reposition it whenever you wish. 

 So why not enjoy a new sporting appliance which looks so great you’ll want to start working out the moment you clap eyes on it? 

  • ACT ergometers feature a studio quality induction brake system and top quality SKF bearings.
  • Choose from 32 levels of resistance, five fixed-time hill settings and five cardio settings.
  • ACT ergometers come complete with a high quality Polar W.I.N.D. chest strap.
  • If your pulse is too fast or too slow, the ACT ergometer adjusts accordingly.
  • All bike components can be replaced if desired.
  • The saddle, handlebars and base column can be adjusted individually.
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • User’s max weight: 130 kg
  • Operating systems: iOS, Windows or Android
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