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New and stylish Tylö Impression sauna cabins


On just a minimum of floor space Tylö has created a sauna which can be equipped for both traditional sauna and soothing steam sauna. It’s a revolution in home spa design, compact enough to fit into any standard bathroom. The sauna room has room for one to two adults and it comes in 6 different sizes from 1.3 cu.m. to 2.8 cu.m and 2 different colors, black and white.

The lacquered aluminium profiles of the frame conform to a registered design that ensures maximum versatility within the unique Tylö system. They simply clip together, so no screws are needed for assembly. The sleek lines of the design are a joy to behold – and simplicity itself to clean. The detachable jalousies make the sauna room even more versatile and also help making it easy when cleaning.
Excellent design and quality
The sauna benches are constructed of dark ash, heat treated to cope with years of use. The inside walls are clad with beautiful, knot-free, blonde aspen wood of the very highest quality.

Exclusive combination instrument

Tylö Impression saunas are delivered inclusive of an exclusive hygrometer/thermometer with built-in LED lighting. Not only design and functionality in one piece – but also a moving atmosphere

Generous on the inside, but economical on the outside
Tylö`s Swedish designers set themselves the task of combining practical everyday functions with an elegant setting where you can relax and pamper yourself in style. But Tylö saunas are also remarkable for their ingenious compact designs.

The choice is yours
You can choose between two different sauna heaters; either the Combi compact RC sauna heater which give you access to a full-fledged steam sauna solution or the Compact for a simpler but yet functional traditional sauna solution.

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