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SaunaInter Opening


Sauna spirit is holy spirit (folk wisdom)

People who like saunas, steam baths, and birch sauna switches will be quite pleased in the near future because of the opening of the new SaunaInter online shop, which will be unique both due to its product range and geographical scope.

The idea of creating an international online shop selling various accessories for saunas and steam baths – from A to Z – belongs to the well-known and reputable company Saunamaailm, which has proved itself to be a leader on the Baltic market, and is famous not only as an expert in the area of construction and maintenance of saunas and steambaths of any level of complexity –  from simple summerhouse and compact home saunas to large exclusive relaxation complexes –  but also as a long-term partner of leading European manufacturers of sauna equipment and accessories.

Since the inhabitants of the Baltic States and the Nordic Countries have always enjoyed relaxing in saunas and shown great interest towards the products and services offered by Saunamaailm company stores, our online shop is going to provide a perfect alternative for those who want to visit our retail stores but are unable to do so for any number of reasons.

The content of the web page of SaunaInter online shop has been translated into seven European languages, so that every single visitor to our website feels at home.

In the SaunaInter online shop you can buy sauna products of the highest quality. Our range includes all kinds of products related to relaxing in a sauna. In addition, our customers will be able to select the most suitable and affordable type of delivery, order exclusive products upon individual request, familiarize themselves with the latest developments introduced by the leading manufacturers of sauna accessories and equipment, choose materials for the construction of saunas and steam baths, and find useful advice and professional counselling on issues related to sauna culture.

Moreover, you can get new ideas here which will help you to enjoy relaxing in a sauna or constructing one from scratch.

We wish you an interesting and exciting visit to our new online shop SaunaInter. We will be happy to greet you at our place! Happy shopping!

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