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Updated 04.08.2022
Kota Garden Sauna is a product made in Finland and has the Key Flag symbol. Kota Garden Sauna is available either with a wood-stoked Aito 16 or Narvi NC 16 heater or with an electric Narvi Softy 9 kW heater.

The extensive glass surfaces of this stylish sauna evoke broadness and allow you to enjoy the views of the nature. Kota Pihasauna is delivered as a complete package that is ready to install, with the exception of the roof cover material. It will only take you a couple of hours to assemble the sauna. This sauna does not need a foundation – an even gravel base on a few square metres of non-freezing ground will suffice. The sauna is made from fir timber and tempered and darkened glass.

Softy is a stylish sauna heater, which is formed as a pillar. Softy combines great steam characteristics and modern design. The form of the sauna heater guarantees long and soft steam, because water flows evenly through the sauna heater stones. The heat reserving capacity of the large amount of sauna heater stones and the electronic thermostat hold the temperature pleasantly even and exactly on the desired level. The temperature can be adjusted between 40-115 Celsius degrees. The sauna heater has a stylish separate control panel, which makes it easy to use the sauna heater. The timer of the sauna heater can be adjusted from 15 minutes to 24 hours. The maximum time, when the sauna is continuously on, is 4 hours.

Technical details
Property name Value
Output, kW 9
Sauna room min, m3 8
Sauna room max, m3 14
Dimensions width, mm 350
Dimensions height, mm 1210
Dimensions depth, mm
Weight, kg 135
Stone capacity max, kg 120
Sauna room height min, cm
Supply voltage, phase
Connection cable, mm2 5 x 2,5
Sensor cable, mm2
Data cable, mm2
Fuse A 3 x 16
Control unit Equipped
Water tank capacity, l
Vaporisation effeciency
Additional information
Technical details
Property name Value
Dimensions width (mm) 2000
Dimensions height (mm) 4000
Dimensions depth (mm) 2000
Stove type inside the sauna NARVI SOFTY 9,0kW
Additional information

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