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Harvia sauna - genuine Finnish sauna enjoyment. The feeling of the open air on your skin. A combination you have to experience! For centuries in Finland, the sauna was a separate building with its own unique features.
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Electric Heater
Woodburning stove

Now you can experience the same atmosphere with Harvia Outdoor sauna models: Kuikka, Keitele and Saimaa. Whether you choose a traditional woodburning sauna stove or an easier electric sauna heater, you will find the same distinguished Harvia sauna spirit in your Outdoor sauna. The Harvia Outdoor sauna package delivery is much more than just the sauna building itself! The delivery package includes all the necessary wood, roof and fastening materials and, according to your choice, a woodburning sauna stove with steel chimney or an electric sauna heater. The Harvia Saimaa is a unique product in the Outdoor sauna product range. Its large veranda is ideal for accommodating a jacuzzi. Whether next to your swimming pool, in your green garden or in the middle of a humming forest, a Harvia Outdoor sauna offers you authentic, peaceful moments of enjoyment.
Harvia Senator 9.0 kW with Harvia C150 control unit.

The wood material for an outdoor sauna is delivered in one rigid, weather-sealed package. The heater and other supplies are delivered in separate packages. The delivery includes everything from the foundation up.

  * Spruce wall logs (135 x 45 mm)
  * Impregnated floor beams.
  * Impregnated sauna room and terrace floor boards. Board spacing ca. 8 mm.
  * Dressing room’s floor in model Keitele is made of tongue-and-groove boards.
  * Panel board ceiling.
  * Single glazed doors and windows with fittings (handles, lock).
  * Spruce board benches. * Tongue-and-groove roof boards.
  * Felt shingle roof.
  * Galvanised steel tension rods for walls.
  * Delivery includes also a thermometer, a copper-metal ladle and a bucket.

Technical details
Property name Value
Dimensions width (mm) 2000
Dimensions height (mm) 2500
Dimensions depth (mm) 2000+1000
Stove type inside the sauna Harvia Senator 9.0 kW
Additional information S02200

Comments list

What is the cubic meter size of this without the balcony? I calculate it to be 10 m/3. Would it be possible to have it without the balcony (we are short of space)? Does the heater come with rocks onto which water can be sprinkled to create steam? Many thanks

If you are calculating the space to install the house, then you need to calculate square meters not the cubic meters. In square meters, the house will take 6.3 m2. In cubic meters the house will be 18.9 m3. Unfortunately the Harvia dose not produce this kind of house, without the terrace. If you want to have it with out terrace, you can either cut it off yourself or buy a mini outdoor sauna house:

We have a Kuikka Sauna for 3 years now. Best investment ever. We have been very happy with it. It has a woodburning harvia stove and use it about 3 times/week. Are planning to get another one for our getaway place. Highly recommended. Thanks Jose.

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