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MiniSAUNA is DIY compact outdoor sauna house. The house is made of 'LEGO type' panels, which enables easy and quick assembly as well as dismantling. MiniSAUNA does not require fundament and it's size is only 2000 x 2000 x 2350 mm, or 4.5 m2.

MiniSAUNA is handmade from quality wood. Outside it is covered with two layers of paint. First layer - substrate, the second layer - special water-based paint. All panels are insulated with special 50mm sauna mineral wool and additional outer panel with damp membrane, which allows to get more heat and heats up very quickly even in winter period.

  • Woodburning stove build with a double wall design isolated with ceramic fiber wool that will protect the stove from overheating.
  • The chimney is designed for the MiniSAUNA with a special built-in cone to split the smoke so it could move up easier.
  • Hinges and handle are forged by blacksmiths which provides the feel of a Middle Ages.

Everything is handmade in Latvia by finest crafters. With 4 person you can build MiniSAUNA in just 1 hour.

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Is the stove included? regards

The stove is included.

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