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Sauna building TUNNEL comprises two rooms: a vapor room and a washing room, both two meters in length. The spacious vapor room contains a four-person bench made of black alder. The stove chimney is isolated and a heat protection plate is fixed to the rear wall. There are two benches and a table in the front room (i.e. dressing room). The building includes two doors – an outer door and one between the two rooms, as well as two windows on the front wall of the vapor- and washing rooms, respectively.
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Harvia M3
Helo 16K L
Kastor KL-16

It is a nice small sauna for every family – an environmentally friendly, healthy and sensible solution made of pure wood and also suitable for allergenics. Installation takes place on Fibo blocks placed on a grassy surface that is leveled beforehand. Ruberoid is placed between the material for waterproofing.

Dimensions: diameter 2.4 m, length 4 m, wall thickness 40 mm.

Price includes:

Sauna building – Tunnel
Glass door and glass window (single-frame) with lock and handle
Black alder sauna bench
Roofing material
Floor- and wall heat protection plate for heater
Modular Harvia chimney, full kit (WHP 1500)
Wooden heater of your choice

Technical details
Property name Value
Dimensions width (mm) 2290
Dimensions height (mm)
Dimensions depth (mm) 4045
Stove type inside the sauna Harvia M3
Additional information

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Does this come fully built? Or do you ahve to construct it yourself, thinking of access issues. Thanks. Peter

The outdoor sauna house Tunnel comes complete disassembled. You need to construct it yourself. It has a complete manual of how to do it. The construction process is pretty simple.

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