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Updated 23.10.2020

Volcanic lava

  • Creates soft, enjoyable heat
  • Humidifies the sauna air
  • Mix them with regular sauna stove stones

Lava stones are used together with regular sauna stove stones. Porous lava stones bind water into them and slowly create moisture, which improves the humidity in the sauna and makes the heat softer. The stones are suitable for all kinds of sauna stoves.

Lava stones are ready to be used after rinsing off the dust on them with water. Place the lava stones among your regular sauna stove stones in a spot that is as hot as possible, next to the resistors or the smoke pipe. You can remove some stones so that the lava rocks fit better in the sauna stove. Place the stones loosely in order to improve the circulation of air and moisture. You will notice the humidity of the sauna heat on the first try. The lava stones will fizzle as the water evaporates from the pores.

It is recommended that all stones should be rinsed to remove any stains or dust that can cause unpleasant odor during the first few times of using the heater.

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