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Set includes:

- HARVIA Globe GL110
- Jadeite Stones 3x20KG
- HARVIA Safety railing
- RENTO Bucket, Green


Sauna heater Harvia Globe ensures that you enjoy not only the warmth and steam of your sauna, but also the simplicity of its use due to the unique design and superior practicality of this heater.

Stones are not included - Sauna stones


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Power output, (kW):

10,5 kW
6,9 kW

Sauna room max, (m3):


Forget your former opinions on the right place for a heater in sauna! Sauna heater Harvia Globe may be wall-mounted, installed on supports or even mounted on the ceiling. Such freedom of choice removes limits from your imagination when planning the layout of benches in your sauna.

Harvia Globe is a perfect example of ecological design: strong stainless steel is a great material for a heater that ensures minimization of waste and the surface finish contains no harmful substances. A completely new thinking is also easily recognisable in the design of the heater built from steel rings and arches shaped with precision laser cutting. The number of stones has been optimised to ensure quick heating without detriment to the softness of steam. Heaters Harvia Globe GL70 (W 430 mm) and GL110 (W 500 mm) are operated from a control panel with a touch screen.

 An easy-to-use touch screen panel with precision temperature control has been designed in accordance with Harvia principles to ensure your comfortable relaxation. This simple and stylish spray-proof control panel may be mounted both inside and outside a sauna. The heater set includes a compact power unit that supplies power to heating elements. The heater is connected to the power unit by a cable wrapped in reinforced hose.

The heater’s temperature sensor is mounted on the sauna ceiling and connected to the power unit by cable. Harvia Globe also includes models E GL70E and GL110E operated from a separate control panel (e.g. Griffin or C150). The E-series model features a junction box for electric wiring to the control panel. The heater is connected to the junction box by a cable wrapped in reinforced hose.

Technical details
Property name Value
Output, kW 10,5
Sauna room min, m3 9
Sauna room max, m3 15
Dimensions width, mm 500
Dimensions height, mm 475
Dimensions depth, mm 500
Weight, kg 15
Stone capacity max, kg 80
Sauna room height min, cm 190
Supply voltage, phase 400 V 3N
Connection cable, mm2 5 x 2,5
Sensor cable, mm2 4 x 0,25
Data cable, mm2 -
Fuse A 3 x 16
Control unit Equipped
Water tank capacity, l -
Vaporisation effeciency -
Additional information -

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