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SENTIOTEC Control Unit Wave.com4 is the absolute top product for real sauna lovers. The sauna control system offers innovative design, easy operation from inside and outside the sauna and can be individually upgraded.
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Dark Wood
Pale Wood

Innovative Technology
 • Control panel for inside and / or outside the sauna
 • Attractive front panel separated from the power unit
 • Generous power for simple installation and subsequent expansion
 • Interior display temperatures up to 120 ° C
 • Modular control structure, bus
 • Temperature setting of 30 ° C to 110 ° C (1 ° C increments)
 • Programmable functions for example Start time, off time, correction values ​​..
 • dimmable lighting
 • Multiple control units can be connected to the same power unit
 • Safety temperature limiter
 • Programmable safety shutdown of 4h to 12h
 • Automatic error detection in sensor failure,
 • Sensor short-circuit or out of the standard temperature range
 • Separate heating and lighting circuit

Technical data
 • Dimensions: 340 * 240 * power unit 108mm
 • exterior and interior panel 120 * 92 * 43mm (installation depth 36mm)
 • Suitable for heaters up to 9 kW (option: 16kW and 26kW power extension)

 • Control Panel (for external and indoor use)
 • Power supply
 • Temperature Sensor
 • Over temperature protection including silicone cable
 • Data Cable
 • Assembly material
 • including expansion board
 • including bench sensor F2
 • including remote start electronic

Technical details
Property name Value
Dimensions width, mm 92 / 240
Dimensions height, mm 120 / 340
Dimensions depth, mm 43 / 108
Weight, kg 1,2
Adjustable temperature min-max C 30 - 120
Heater output max, kW 9
Operating time, (h) 1 - 24
Pre-setting time, (h) 1 - 24
Max display, C -
Includes Basic module wave.com4 / Temperature sensor, excess temperature controller incl. silicon cable / Data connection cable / Assembly material and operating instructions
Additional information -

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