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Dear customer,

thank you for having chosen our shop to purchase sauna products!
If you would like to purchase a complete 3D sauna design project, please fill free to fill in the form below.
Our sauna experts from project department, will offer you the best technical and design solutions for your future sauna room.

The project includes:
  1. A rough 2D drawing of your sauna with dimensions, bench seats, walls, floor, ceiling and heater
  2. 3D project, based on drawings and taking your preferences into consideration.
  3. Detailed colored 3D images of certain parts of your sauna.
  4. Complete materials calculation and quotation.
  5. Price offer
  6. Sketch in 2D format can be changed 2 times. (if the client changed his mind, or he did not like the decision, the project will changed, based on the client's wishes)
To start working on the project we need to receive your confirmation, that you can do by filling the form below. After we receive your request with all the details, dimensions, attached sauna plan and additional pictures of your sauna room, we will send you a link for the payment. After the payment is completed, we will start working on your sauna design.

The price for the sauna project is 150 EUR.

In addition, we offer an individual calculated quote based on your existing project or sketch. The cost of this service is 50€. In case of purchasing all the calculated materials from SAUNAINTER webstore this amount will be exempted from the final order sum.


Project application form

- - cm (L x W x H)
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