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Updated 11.10.2020
In the toasty-warm atmosphere of the sauna, it can withstand is good, but on the traditional wooden headrest is not one really relaxed. This is hard and does not adjust itself.

Size about 48 x 19cm - is in particular important for the commercial sector, kippelsicher on the bench and can also be very difficult because of the size "to take illegal."

It is now, thanks to the patented sauna - pillow over for a head restraint of wood with the flexibility of a cushion. Exceptional are the four wooden bowls, which can be rotated separately and adjust to the fact supporting head. The selected height and position of the trays ensures optimum comfort.

The sauna - pillows made ​​from high Abachi and performs the same hygiene standards as traditional sauna benches. The Abachi is soft, does not splinter and is heat-absorbing.

With four flexible, round columns sees the sauna pillow not only completely different from the traditional headrest, but it also feels very different. Since the pad is mounted on a base and the shell adapted to the head, neck and shoulders remain free.

You can hardly feel that something is below the head, the head will be raised so that a comfortable position can be taken. One slips not and in that only the head and not the shoulder rests, can not move the cushion.

The head rests in a kind of trough, whereby it is held in position can not tilt to one side. The neck muscles can relax in this way completely. A product that is unique and the perfect combination of design and function.

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