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Natural ionizer
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Updated 26.01.2023
Crystals of this salt are ecologically clean and contain almost all elements from the periodic table. Price per 1 m2 (50 units). Perfect for decorative element in your sauna
The salt is also known to be beneficial for such diseases as allergies, bronchial asthma, diseases of nervous and immune systems. It is used in salt chambers and is beneficial for treatment of arteriosclerosis and sclerosis. What makes this salt unique is the complete absence of any contaminants. Moreover, the Himalayan salt crystals contain all natural elements in the combination identical to that of the pre-historic ocean. Price per 1 m2 Himalayan salt is mined in Pakistan

Dimension: 205 x 50 x 105 mm

To install salt blocks, you need to order the service of a mason, not a tiler, because the surface of the salt blocks is uneven: - / + 10mm. We recommend buying salt blocks with reserve 10% more than the estimated coverage area.

Warning! Original product might be slightly different colour than on a picture!

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