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Colour spectrum and wood types used to build saunas
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THERMO ASPEN LINING STP 15x90mm 1200-2400mm


1200 mm
1800 mm
2100 mm
2400 mm
1500 mm
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Updated 18.09.2020
Heat treatment of aspen and alder improves the properties of wood considerably and opens up new fields of application of these types of timber. Heat treatment is the technology which involves natural changes in wood cells when exposed to supersaturated vapour under the temperatures of up to 240°C and the pressure of 0.1–0.2 MPa. In the result, the pure, environmentally friendly, solid wood with a wide range of colours is produced. Nowadays this type of wood is widely used in the production of decorative dark inserts, which emphasize the classy design of saunas. Thermally modified wood is as good as other species of wood. It is long-lasting and has a nice smell.

Price for 1 piece of product, A sort


• Thickness - 15 (mm)
• Width - 90 (mm)
• Height - 1200 (mm)
• Coating width - 80 (mm)

For the coating of 1m2, ~10.4 planks with the height of 1200 (mm) should be used.

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