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In a sauna, the temperature should warm the human body evenly.
In such a sauna you can experience real pleasure without harming your health.

A fan that creates a circulating effect for heat and steam, and quickly fills the sauna with uniform warmth.

Saunas with stagnant air become low-contrast and humid, as the evaporation of sweat (moisture) from the skin leads to a gradual buildup of moisture in the air around a person, just like in an unventilated room. The presence of air currents makes the sauna contrasting, capable of delivering powerful waves of scorching steam and quickly drying out.

That is, a sauna with circulating air can be either steamy (mostly for short periods) or dry (for long periods), depending on the spatial distribution of air currents.

AIR MIXER MINI is suitable for Finnish and infrared saunas with a volume of up to 7 m3

1 Steam is more pleasant
2 The pleasure in the sauna lasts longer
3 The body is heated evenly
4 There is no fatigue after the procedure

-Powerful and quiet motor: the fan is equipped with a powerful motor that provides a strong air flow and is virtually noiseless
-Easy to use: the fan has a control panel that allows you to adjust the speed and turn on/off the LED backlight
-Long battery life: the fan can operate for a long time without recharging / up to 8 hours at maximum speed /
-Enhance your sauna experience with our versatile portable fan. And if you are going on a hike, traveling, or just enjoying nature, our fan will provide you with coolness and comfort

-Power: 5.0 W
-Voltage: 5 V
-Fan material: plastic
-Number of speeds: 3
-Timer function: 1,3,5 hours
-Built-in ring LED backlight: 2 modes
-Charging time: approx 4.5 hours
-Operating time: 8–27 hours
-Battery capacity: 10,000 mAh
-Battery indicator
-Power bank
-Package weight: 1,1kg
-Package size: 205*205*205 mm

Package Contents:
-Portable stand, spruce
-Type-C charging cable

Additional function AROMA+

By using the Sauna Mixer you can enjoy authentic natural aromas.
This method of flavoring is superior to the traditional addition oil to water and hot stove stones.
The mixer is a high-quality alternative to burning aromatic oil on stove stones.

We have developed 6 types of aromas specifically for saunas.
The kit includes a cartridge that is filled with aromatic essential oil.
The intensity of the smell is easily adjusted by the number of drops in special recesses.

Try our aromas and immerse yourself in the world of natural aromas in your sauna

-The fan can only be installed on the floor in the sauna, where the temperatuure will not exceed above 50 degrees.
-The fan cannot be used in steam saunas and hammams
-Direct water contact with the fan is not allowed
-It is not allowed to charge the fan in the sauna room
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