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Code 13070

ASPEN LINING 15x90mm SET, 600pcs


2400 mm
1800 mm
2100 mm
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5 129.71 $

(3.56 $/m) (44.53 $/m²) *inc.VAT

Updated 15.08.2022
Aspen lining Aspen wooden panels are widely used for decoration of sauna, due to its low density, lack of resin and a small amount of knots. Useful specs of aspen explains high tannins, which not only greatly reduce the ability of wood to rot in a damp environment, but also gives it a distinctive incredible flavor. Aspen lining do not cracks, easily processed and performs well in high humidity conditions.

Price for 600 piece of product,
A sort


 • Thickness - 15 (mm)
 • Width - 90 (mm)
 • Height - 2400 (mm)

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