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Updated 01.08.2022
Harvia SmartFold – a new era for bathroom space usage

Use the bathroom square metres more efficiently! Harvia's new foldable and flexible bathroom sauna SmartFold needs floor space only when you want to use it. SmartFold is a real everyone’s sauna, which is suitable for all users, at all stages of life.

No restrictions for any group of sauna users 

It is easier for a young family when they can save space, but the accessibility and senior users are taken into account as well. When the benches are kept in the upper position, the sauna is accessible by wheelchair, and while climbing to the benches in normal sauna can be real difficult, you can leave SmartFold-bath upper benches in the upper position and enjoy the warmth on the lower benches.

The sauna stove designed especially for that sauna, provides you with warmth to the ground level. The heater power is 3.6 kW (230 V 1N ~) and it is connected to a grounded power outlet plug of the bathroom – this provides flexibility in terms of electrical engineering. SmartFold is energy efficient: thanks to the moderate power consumption of the heater and the size of the stove, as well as effective insulation, electricity savings when used reach about 40% compared to a traditional sauna solution. Safety installations take care that the heater will turn on only when the sauna is unfolded. The folding mechanism is easy to use and SmartFold looks stylish also when folded.

The spared squares are always in use

When the bath is folded, it is easy to arrange space at the washroom side that meets the provisions of regulations. Compared to traditional sauna, the solution saves several square meters of space. Wetroom squares are relatively expensive to build, so it may be more profitable to make use of the saved space, adding that extra space to other rooms. Harvia bathroom SmartFold enables using a bathroom as an efficient utility room. Extra space is provided for a laundry rack, iron, or even indoor plants` soil replacement when half of the sauna floor squares can be used as additional space.

Harvia bathroom model collection has been designed from the very beginning for the wet and often confined spaces of bathrooms

• High quality, durable materials: the wall panels of bathroom saunas are made of special water, humidity and thermal resistant plates. The frame structure is made of aluminium and stainless steel.
• The walls are suitable for having a shower.
• The structure as a bearing unit is quite unique: it does not require any changes to the ventilation nor a building permit for renovation.
• Small size: can be installed even on a bathtub.
• No wooden parts are used in the frame, as these would cause problems in wet areas, eventually.
• This construction suits the bathroom environment – we have more than 25 years of experience.
• Harvia bathroom-sauna raises the property value.

Fast installation

Easily comprehensible elements that the bathroom sauna consists of can be installed quickly and therefore more cost-effectively. Bathroom sauna is always supplied in a ready-for-installation package. Laborious electrical work is not required – sauna gets its electricity from the bathroom 16 A grounded outlet. Electricity consumption is of the same volume as that of a washing machine.

Bathroom saunas are installed more and more in new buildings. Advantages are clear: the builder saves space, time and money.

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