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Updated 04.08.2022

Harvia Xenio - control units with a touch control panel

The control panel of the Xenio control unit provides a modern and subtly stylish interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, be it a traditional electric heater, Combi heater with a steamer or infrared radiator. The compact yet clear touch control panel can be surface-mounted in almost any space – sauna room, bathroom, dressing room, or even the living room. The control panel shows you when the sauna is at the right temperature for bathing.

The purpose of Harvia Xenio CX170 control unit is to control an electric sauna heater within an output range of 2.3–17 kW.

Delivery contents:

    1. Control panel
      • Temperature adjustment range: 40–110 °C.
      • On-time adjustment range: family saunas 1–6 h, public saunas in apartment buildings 1–12 h.
      • Pre-setting time adjustment range: 0–12 h.
      • Control of lighting and fan.
      • The control panel can be fixed to the wall or embedded into the surface to create a smooth appearance
      • Dimensions: 85 mm x 24 mm x 110 mm

    1. Power unit
      • Supply voltage: 400 V 3N~
      • Max. load: 17 kW
      • Lighting control, max. power: 100 W, 230 V 1N~
      • Fan control, max. power: 100 W, 230 V 1N~
      • Dimensions: 272 mm x 70 mm x 193 mm

    1. Temperature sensor with cable ca 4 m
      • The temperature sensor is equipped with a resettable overheat protector and a temperaturesensing NTC thermistor (22 kΩ/ T=25 °C).
      • Weight: 175 g with leads (ca 4 m)
      • Dimensions: 51 mm x 73 mm x 27 mm

    1. Data cable 5 m (10 m extension cables available optional, max. total length 30 m)

  1. Instruction Manual.

Suitable silicone protection cables:

Heater Output, kW Fuse, A Supply cable, mm² Connection cable (400V 3N~), mm²
0 - 6 3 x 10 5 x 1,5 5 x 1,5
3 x 165 x 2,55 x 1,5
3 x 255 x 65 x 2,5

For more information please read manual.

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