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Power output, (kW):

10,8 kW
4,5 kW
5,7 kW
9,0 kW
15,0 kW
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Updated 27.11.2021


The Harvia HGD steam generator is a source of well-being and relaxation. Thanks to its easy-care structure and large water container, HGD is also excellently suited for heavy-duty spa use – tasked with providing your customers with perfect moments of relaxation for the mind and body, 24/7.

The touch-screen control panel of the steam generator allows you to easily add to the atmosphere with the help of lighting and fragrances. You can control all the steam generators in your spa with one control panel. The perfect steam sauna experience is guaranteed by Harvia’s more than 60 years of experience in heat technology as a source of well-being.

Delivery contents:

  • Stainless steel steam generator HARVIA HGD110
  • Digital control panel
  • Control cable (Generator -> Control panel)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Sensor cable (Control panel -> Temperature sensor)
  • Automatic drain valve ZG-700
  • Steam nozzle
  • 1x 1.5m Galvenized stainless steel pipe DN 15 ¾
  • 1x 2.0m Galvenized stainless steel pipe DN 15 ¾
  • Harvia Fragrance pump ZG-900
  • Harvia Eucalyptus fragrance 5L
  • Instructions Manual

Relaxing steam sauna experiences

The HGD steam generator has a sturdy structure and look. The steam generator’s components are replaceable. Its heating elements, printed circuit boards, relays, supply and discharge valve as well as fragrance pump are compatible with Harvia’s other steam generator models. The durable choices of material are also a design solution – made of stainless steel, the outer shell is easy to keep clean.

The sturdy outer shell contains high-quality and long-lasting components. The steam generator is equipped with new titanium heating elements, which also guarantee durability in heavy-duty spa conditions. The improvements to the electronic controls also contribute to making HGD the perfect heart of your spa. The most important components of the electronic controls that will wear with time are kept separate from the other components, making maintenance more effortless and cost-effective.

Ease of maintenance has guided HGD’s design. A separate maintenance hatch enables effortless maintenance measures. The separate maintenance space also makes the device safer to use. The container and measurement system can be maintained and cleaned safely without an electrical engineer’s qualifications.

The updated electronic controls allow even larger spa complexes to be built. HGD steam generators can be serialised endlessly. You can control an entire spa with one control panel. Remote start-up is also possible with the help of building automation, for example.

Electronic controls also enable control of external equipment. Use HGD’s touch-screen control panel to also control your steam room’s fragrance pump, lighting and ventilation. To make your spa experience even more relaxing, HGD allows you to control the output of the fragrance pump.

NB! For more detailed information please read manual.

Technical details
Property name Value
Model HGD110
Output, (kW) 10.8
Dimensions width, (mm) 220
Dimensions height, (mm) 500
Dimensions depth, (mm) 580
Weight, (kg) 11.8
Recommended steam room size, (m3) ███████████████████
LIGHT WALL (acrylic, tempered glass) ███████████████████
With ventilation (m3) 10–14,5
Without ventilation (m3) 15–21
TILED LIGHT WALL ███████████████████
With ventilation (m3) 8–12
Without ventilation (m3) 12–17
HEAVY WALL (stone, concrete) ███████████████████
With ventilation (m3) 6–10
Without ventilation (m3) 10–14
Steam output capacity, (kg/h) 14,6 kg/h
Supply voltage, phase 400 V 3N~ 3 x 16A
Connection cable, (mm2) 5 x 2,5
Additional information ███████████████████

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