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HAMALAYAN SALT LAMPSHADE, ASH, 350x240x130mm, 7,5kg

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Updated 17.10.2020
Measurements: 350 x 240 x 130 mm

The lampshade is specially designed for installation in the corner of the sauna. It is made of selected wood (linden or ash).

Thanks to the insert of Himalayan salt, the light spreads evenly throughout the steam room, acquiring a pleasant pink color. In addition, Himalayan salt contains all the elements of nature in the same combination as in the ancient ocean. Himalayan salt contains up to 92 rare mineral elements. These elements are also contained in the human body.

Air containing salt actively affects the human respiratory tract, curing diseases such as asthma and bronchitis; prevents the occurrence and development of allergies and hypertension; relieves stress, fights premature skin aging, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome. The highest salt content in the air is formed at a temperature of 60 ° C and a relative humidity of 20-40%.

The lampshade for the sauna lamp is intended for:
  • to protect the lampshade from splashes and mechanical stress;
  • to protect against burns when touching a hot lamp;
  • to make a lamp light softer for the eyes of sauna users.
Warning! Original product might be slightly different colour than on a picture.

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