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Updated 19.01.2023
RUBEN SKY decorative chromotherapy is a digitally controlled system which combines decorative illumination and coloured light therapy.
It consists of a controller, a remote and an array of crystals for freely customizable arrangement and installation in ceilings, walls, interiors, hoods, etc. You can use the arrangement schemes downloadable from the website. The SKY system will impart a sense of uniqueness and individuality to any interior, it will also help to sustain health and spiritual balance.

The line of Ruben Sky chromotherapy consists of a number of lights which can be installed in various combinations in ceilings, on walls, on hoods etc. If you are at a loss as to how to arrange the light sources you can use the sample arrangement layouts available on our website. Thanks to Ruben Sky you will achieve the starry sky effect right inside your home. Our light crystals will also make a perfect addition to wellness and fitness centres, workout rooms or spa salons - by adding new atmosphere to the surrounding, light also affects the people who are present. Because of this property of light, it is important to set properly its colour and intensity before a massage or bathing session.

Ruben Sky system is controlled through a remote or a control panel, therefore it is extremely easy to operate. The types of crystals incorporated into Ruben Sky system are as follows: Celt, Nevada, Giza, Sferis and Orion, which differ in size and shape. Within Sky system three subsystems are available: Sky 20, Sky 40 and Sky 60, where the numbers refer to the amount of light sources per system.

180mm mounting sleeves and electronic equipment included. Can also be synchronised with a slave. (If, for instance, you want similar lighting behind the backrest, a slave is used to connect the two.)

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