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Updated 19.01.2023
The color of light is warm white. For safety reasons the product should only be connected to the power network using a supplied transformer. The light can be mounted in many different ways, also in a corner. Up to 5 lights can be safely connected together in a row. DC 12V/230V, IP 46, 48 LED. Maximum operating temperature 100°C. Do not install the lamp at or in the immediate vicinity of the ceiling!
LED-lighting is an ecological choice because of its low power consumption and long operational life (up to 25 000 hours). There are no toxic materials used for the production of LED lights. LED-lights are flameproof, because they produce very little heat and do not become hot. In the sauna room LED light should not be installed at the ceiling or in the immediate vicinity of the ceiling. The best position to place the light is lower where the temperature will never exceed 100˚С. All SAUNIA LED lights have connecting cables which eneble up to 5 lights to be safely connected together in a row for creation of spectacular illumination compositions.


• Thickness - 60 (mm)
• Width - 270 (mm)
• Height - 160 (mm)

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