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Sauna: health and fitness

Here's Why Saunas Are So Good For You

A new research review has plenty of good news for people who love a good sauna session: Studies overwhelmingly suggest that the relaxing habit is also a healthy one.

The Daily '15-Minute Habit' That Helps Cleanse Your System

Sit down and relax with your family and friends – and cleanse your body as you relieve stress, soothe your muscles, and cleanse your skin (helping it feel so er and more beautiful). Take advantage of this today…

Why Saunas Are Ridiculously Good for You

Daily sauna use is a simple strategy commonly used in Eastern Europe, Asia and Finland that serves as a catalyst to improve your physical, emotional and neurological health

Regular Sauna Use Decreases Disease

Heat stress is an important way of optimizing heat shock proteins (HSP) inside your cells that trigger mitochondrial biogenesis, thereby supporting your overall health, especially your cardiovascular and brain health.

Spending Time in a Sauna Can Reduce Your Risk for a Stroke

Saunas are not as popular in America as they are in Finland, where they may be as widespread as television sets, and demonstrate the potential to significantly reduce your risk of stroke with consistent use.

Do Saunas Have Health Benefits? 20 Research Papers Examined.

This article cites 20 scientific papers and reviews 8 popular claims.

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