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Seasonal update of Saunainter


Autumn is a perfect time for those who love indulging in sauna pleasures: at this time of the year saunas and banyas are heated everywhere, bringing enjoyment to sauna steam lovers in small summer houses and on luxurious villas, in hotels and spa centres.

New design involves new possibilities!

This autumn SaunaInter has completely updated the design of its website and improved its functionality. Our regular customers have already been able to appreciate its updated interface, which makes it easier to find a product you need, compare it with similar products, move from one section to another, and enjoy the processes of choosing and buying as much as one would enjoy visiting a real sauna accessories shop.

New customers will be pleasantly surprised with our numerous improvements, which will help them to use the SaunaInter website with maximum ease.

SaunaInter is not going to stop on that. In the future, we are planning to carry on implementing improvements, taking care of the convenience of our customers, and amending the website both in terms of using it and with respect to the range of products and services, provided by our company.

We would like to thank all our customers who have left their feedback and comments about the updated website and its functionality and helped us to make our store the way it is now – beautiful, easy to use and the most enjoyable place to shop for sauna products.

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