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Updated 15.05.2022

AIO series steam generator is multi-functional, and one controller can control most of the accessories.

Steam Generator main functions and features:
  • Completely made from high-quality stainless steel.
    • The inner and outer housings, steam and drain outlet are made ​​of stainless steel. Not only it looks stylish but also prolongs the lifespan of the device.
  • High-performance, corrosion-resistant stainless steel heating elements with Teflon coating.
    • Thanks to high-quality heating elements, the steam room heats up incredibly fast - in just a few minutes you will be able to enjoy the pure steam.
    • Quiet operation makes your relaxation free from unnecessary and disturbing sounds which provides a better experience.
    • Heating elements are controlled in stages, which leads to even less power consumption and making it inexpensive to operate.
    • Overheat protection: When the room temperature reaches 2°C higher than your setting, then all heating elements stop working and the steam generator goes under heat preservation state. If water tank temperature reaches over 115 °C, the steam generator goes into protection state and stops heating. When the temperature of the water tank cools down to 100°C or lower, then the steam generator starts to work again.
  • Waterproof touch buttoned, glass-surfaced control display with screensaver and wake-up function.
    • The waterproof digital control panel can be installed inside or outside of steam cabin.
    • When your desired temperature is reached, the steam generator automatically turns off the power, which helps to prevent the overheating. Temperature is set digitally on display, tuning range 35C - 60C.
    • Timer: you can select the operation time from 1 to 60 minutes. After the time pass, the generator is turned off automatically. You can extend the time of use at any time for up to 60 minutes. Or choose CH mode: steam generator has unlimited operation time, but with electronic self-control.
    • You can also control the light of the steam cabin and other useful related devices and accessories which can be purchased separately.
  • Comfortable maintenance of the generator allows you to simply and quickly decalcify tank in just a few minutes.
    • Cap with the size of 1/2 inches at the top, is very handy for quick descaling.
    • The steam generator is emptied completely automatically via the drain valve. By automatic rinsing with freshwater, the steam generator will be cleaned thoroughly.
    • Special nano-coating inside takes care of the very smooth surface of the tank, which helps to protect the generator from lime and dirt. Thereafter, it is automatically turned off.
    • Low water level protection: When water under some certain level and the machine failed to re-fill in water automatically, the steam generator will go into a “sleep mode” until water is be re-filled or steam generator turn-off.
Package contents:
  1. Steam Generator Tolo Steamtec AIO 3kW
  2. All-In-One Controller (Power unit with waterproof control panel)
  3. Automatic drain valve
  4. Stainless steel steam nozzle
  5. Temperature sensor with 5m cable
  6. Control cable, length 5m (power unit -> control panel)
  7. Power unit cable, length 5m (steam generator -> power unit)
  8. Safety valve, copper
Steamtec original additional equipment that can be purchased separately:
  • Water Softener - Helps to remove calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water.
  • Wifi control system - for control via IOS/Android App
  • Door sensor - Automatically turns off the steam generator if the door is opened for more than 1 minute.
  • Double aroma pump - It has a temperature switch on the steam pipe. When the temperature higher than 85℃, aroma oil will be pumped into steam pipe automatically then steam will bring fragrance to everywhere in the steam room. Two flasks for two smells.
  • Salt atmosphere generator - The generator is able to atomize saltwater or medicament into tiny particles, and mix in the air for breathing and absorbed by the skin.
Technical details
Property name Value
Model TOLO-30-AIO
Output, (kW) 3.0 kW
Measurements (HxWxD),mm 315x425x160
Weight, (kg)
Recommended steam room size, (m3) 2~3
Steam output capacity, (kg/h)
Supply voltage, phase 220-240 1N
Fuse A 1x16
Connection cable, (mm2) 3x2.5
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