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TOLO-E 4,5kW
TOLO-E 6,0kW
Available from the factory stock (check the availability.)

1 573.17 $


Updated 15.05.2022
TOLO-E security protection
  1. The E steam generator is sealed, waterproof;
  2. The surface people can touch is glass, insulation;
  3. The strong electricity 220V and weak electricity 12V is totally separately, each of them has a sealed electrical box, and these electrical box also waterproof.
  4. Each of the heating element’s head is also sealed
  5. To connect and get power supply for the steam generator, it’s different with other steam generator. This E model, we made a 3 meters electricity wire, when install, please connect one end of the electricity wire to the general power supply. No need to open the steam generator to connect power supply.
  6. There’s ground wire inside the steam generator, and when you install the steam generator and get power supply for it, please must install a Leak-protective switch.
  • Overall water-proof(installed inside room)
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Built-in controller
  • Bluetooth music with skip button
  • Time setting
  • Temperature setting
  • Auto water inlet
  • Auto drain
  • Auto washing
  • Auto power off
  • LED Rope Light display
  • Overheat protection
220V/single phase

The price including:
  • Steam generator
  • Build-in touch controller
  • Auto drain valve
  • Build-in steam nozzle
  • Temp. sensor
  • Dimension: 1380x280x1550 mm
For more information please read manual.

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