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The new service – 3D sauna projects


SaunaInter will help you to build a perfect sauna! Our online store is a place where the highest quality of goods and services is successfully combined with the best prices, while the ability to keep pace with the progress is accompanied by an individual approach to each customer.

A striving to maintain the reputation of the store at an adequate level has urged us to provide our customers with a new exciting opportunity of creating their own sauna projects.

While developing a project, our specialists are ready to create the sauna of your dream from scratch: to define the most suitable dimensions, to calculate the amount of materials, and to offer a suitable design option, based on the customer's preferences.


The project includes:

1. A rough drawing of your sauna.
2. 3D project, based on drawings and taking your preferences into consideration.
3. Detailed coloured images of certain parts of your sauna.
4. Complete materials account: their amount and list.
5. Price quotations.

Our purpose is a thorough fulfillment of the wishes and carrying out the instructions of the customer. In order to get the project, please fill in the form, and if possible also attach the plan of your sauna. After that we will get in touch with you for further discussion and preparation of your sauna project.

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